26 April 2017

25 April 2017

My Payday Shopping Cart

you know, i'm easily amused with trivial things
i find myself smiling ear to ear when i put the detergent into the shopping cart
i can spend hours household cleaning aisles 
i spent almost half an hour just to choose 'the best' laundry detergent
not that i have a pathological OCD personality that requires a tough cleaning job,
but i just enjoyed it
eh, i was actually going to write about these plates

i am really really pleased with my purchase today
self-reward on my pay day
(no, i can't afford to reward myself with luxurious stuffs)
but these gentle-on-pocket purchase is all that i need

i've always had my eyes on these dinner set at the department store..
some of the patterns are very classic,
but i'm not a fan of them because it's easily chipped, and heavy.
but i do want their loose piece to add onto my collection of serving dish/plates.

and omg omg, they had this on SALE today!
loose piece, for RM5 each!!!
i grabbed a pair for each pattern.
and one day they will add up on my dream 'Plate Wall'

i know they are nothing now
but they'll be my antiques later, telling my stories.
i've shared this quote before..

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love"

19 April 2017

My 15-year-old Promise to Myself

when I was 17, we had a school trip to Taman Negara Kuala Tahan, Pahang.
it was kind of a reward for the students who managed to get into the Dean's list for certain numbers of semester..
even then, i really think it was a great way of celebrating the students,
not by merely giving  medals or certificates etc 
so, there we went!
i think i had the time of my life in Taman Negara
2-3 hour ride on the boat along the river from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan
it was really like the touristy pictures you saw on the calendars or posters,
the water level was so near to you that you can touch the water,
and of course feel the splashes!

and the canopy walking was spectacular!!!
and at that moment, 15 years ago, i made a promise
'i will come back here with my loved ones'
be it my partner, or my family,
i just want to share the view with someone dear to me

and, last week, WWF-Malaysia shared this picture on the Instagram
i know it was not from Taman Negara Pahang,
but the view was something so familiar
i think i used up half a roll of the Kodak film on capturing that sight
(and our generation surely knows how precious a photo snap was, you can't delete it, you can't preview it, just a snap of luck)

and, I realised that it's about time to keep my promise
i've laid out a 3 days 2 nights itinerary for us,
insyaAllah, will be in Kuala Tahan National Park this Syawal

**these 2 last photos was Google-d** 
(i used them to bait Paih to agree on my plans..hehe)

Check-in from new location...

no, it's lunchbreak, i'm not using my working hours on blogging.

Here I am. 

Trust His timings.
what's next?

15 March 2017

Someone please get me a freezer, because i'm melting here.. 

22 February 2017

Hong Kong 2014

January 2014..
throwing back is all we can do now.
not whining about the present.
but just being grateful for the past.

listing back all the memories we had, chances we took, i think we are doing alright.
working on the future.

20 February 2017

Taman Botani Putrajaya, again!

sejak pindah ke sini, saya dan Paih seringkali mengkespresi rasa syukurnya dapat beli rumah ini
especially apabila aktiviti-aktiviti hujung minggu semakin selesa dan mudah
segalanya mudah dicapai (easily-accesable) 

antara perkara yang kami paling suka adalah banyak gila taman best kat Putrajaya
tak crowded

sewa basikal kat sini pun murah, RM10 per hour
kalau ade child-carrier tu tambah RM2.
sejam tu cukup-cukup ngam-ngam pusing 

so nantikan the healthier me soon! 

Resepi Sup Sayur Mudah

dilemma setiap malam
'nak dinner ke tak eh?'
kalau dinner,
'nak dinner ape ye?'

skipping meals is not good, but heavy meals for dinner pon worse
Google-google tak berapa membantu la sebab suggestion mat saleh macam tak sesuai 
diorang kenyang makan salad je
i nih kalau takde nasi tak kenyang

so dalam selalu pening-pening, antara yang paling suka saya buat adalah sup sayur

rebus air dalam periuk
masukkan bawang putih tumbuk cincai-cincai
kalau ada isi ikan rebus, tumbuk-tumbuk bole tambah (ni the best the bomb!!)
tapi kalau takde isi ikan, saya buat kosong je 
kalau ade ground black pepper or white pepper, tambah jugak
if u don't mind a little MSG, tambah sebijik kiub Knorr pati ikan bilis ke pati ayam ke dua-dua boleh)
pastu tambah sayur
tambah shiitake kalau ade
pastu pecahkan telur

hidang dengan nasi panas lembik2 kuah banjir
ummmmmhhhhhh sedapnyee

nak lagi best, saya tabur 'sambal daging' (serunding).
orang kelantan ni mmg sentiasa ada sambal daging walaupun bukan time raya.

Sagu Gula Melaka Termudah Tersedap Abad ini!!

tak terkata sedapnyaa
mmg sangat mudah nak buat
cuma malas kadang-kadang tu remeh
sebab sagu tu melekat kat periuk
periuk kene basuh beria sikit

18 February 2017

15 February 2017

Resepi Ayam Masak Keling

maaf for the name.
but that's what it's called.

sangat sangat senang resipi nya.
dan amatlah menjadi kegemaran Paih.
lagi sedap kalau makan dengan nasi panas atas daun pisang.


Bahan Kisar
bawang merah ~ 5 ulas
bawang putih ~ 3 ulas
bijik ketumbar ~ sesudu besar (secukup selera masing-masing)
cili kering ~ 1 mangkuk kecil

Bahan lain:
daun kari
ayam potong kecil - goreng kunyit garing

blend semua bahan-bahan kisar
saya blend air sikit je

tumis bahan kisar tadi beserta daun kari
minyak sepatutnya banyak sikit.
tapi kalau ade hari saya rasa nak sihat sikit, saya kurangkan minyak
tapi susah nak garing la, senang hangit kalau kurang minyak
tumis sampai semua garing
lama jugak tumisnya tu
tambah garam gula secukup selera

saya tambah air sedikit kalau dah nak hangit..
bile air dah kering, masukkan ayam goreng kecil-kecil tadi.
ayam goreng tu saya guna Actifry, so kurang minyak.
gaul ayam rata, biarkan seketika dengan api sederhana.

kemudian saya ketepikan ayam dalam kuali, biar minyak terasing.. 
lps tu saya kutip ayam-ayam beserta sampah sarap tadi ke dalam pinggan hidangan.
tinggalkan minyak lebihan dalam kuali agar lebih sihat.

6th Anniversary!!!

saya terfikir nak sambutan yang jenis low-key tapi romantik dan bermakna
because no expensive dinner would ever be enough for our celebration.
lantas terfikir ade tak tempat melihat lampu di lereng bukit, overlooking the city..
the only place people suggested was this Bukit Ampang.
i liked the view.
but i didn't like how it was turned into 'warung-warung tepi jalan'.
cacao view!
tak romantic.
ingatkan nak spend time duduk-duduk makan ice cream.
memang tak la !!

but we had a great time anyway!

Happy Anniversary Sayang!!
words are not enough to describe how lucky we are.
we are best friends.
we are soulmates.
we are everything to each other.

i still remember how i've realised small little things i was thankful for when we first got married.
i was thankful for having you who filled in the water bucket for me every morning.
i was thankful for having you who massaged my legs when i got pins and needles.
i was thankful for having you who would do anything for me.
and now we are already six!!

my anniversary project for this year is still on its way.

30 January 2017

The time when anti-shake technology is not so advanced 🙈🙈

26 January 2017

Kitchen Accessories

most of the times, u only need a little bit of everything to complete the recipe..

Twenty Precious Minutes

bukan selalu pergi taman.. 
tapi setiap kali pergi kite kene blow them out of proportion kan.. 
untuk hilangkan rasa bersalah for the rest of the month tak sempat exercise.

bersyukur sangat rumah baru ni banyak tempat best within reach.
terkenang zaman student dulu.

Effah baru pulang dari Ho Chi Minh.
okeyh Effah, next trip to Vietnam kite nak ikut tau!
rasa nak pergi Hoi An.

19 January 2017

My colours

i haven't done tudung-laundry for quite some times, almost 3 weeks i think
so my Bawal are running low in stock..
and they can't fit into my small bucket

so i found the new use of my bathtub.. (which i don't think i will ever use pon)

17 January 2017

Picnic Belakang Rumah je kikiki

My sisters have an awesome sister, i know.
You're welcome.

12 January 2017

Strawberry & Sugar

makan malam saya
sepatutnya saya makan sihat
nak Berries la konon.

tapi sebagai orang Kelatan tegar,
gula itu perlu.

should we actually carry out studies on the tastebuds variants in Kelantanese?
ingat tak dulu belajar pasal taste maps kat lidah kita?
was it 20 years ago?
rupanya salah theory tu
oleh yang demikian, perlu di ingat bahawa knowledge is evolving
tidak boleh terlalu fanatik
dan harus sentiasa bersedia kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang fakta yang dianggap betul kini mungkin bakal dibuktikan sebaliknya pada masa akan datang


or Cilantro
or Chinese Parsley

Mummy selalu paksa kami makan coriander leaves sebagai ulam
banyak khasiat katanya
saya percaya Mummy
tapi selalunya saya kene rebel
malas kunyah daun, alasan saya

Thanks Mummy
you know deep down i appreciate everything you do.

Exercise and Happiness

if have time to exercise, i will be happier
not because of the exercise and all the hormones
but having the time means a lot
means my life is in control

because, time is what i don't have now *insert-sad-face*

exhausted mentally and physically
the remaining energy i have at the end of the day is to be saved for the next day

Sarah, soon, soon the light will shine your way.

04 January 2017

Khasiat Teh Hijau

whatever i'm gonna say after this, just remember, everything should be in moderation!

kerana pekerjaan kami yang tidak mengenal siang-malam, 
saya memang banyak bergantung kepada caffeine.. selalunya dalam bentuk Nescafe dalam tin..
kerana ia segera, dan berkesan!
dan juga bermakna ia sangat tidak bagus untuk kesihatan saya..dari segi kandungan gula nya, dan juga kandungan caffeine nya.

kini saya cuba.
saya cuba gantikan dengan green tea.
teh hijau uncang je.
tanpa gula.
secawan setiap pagi.
dihirup panas.

so beberapa khasiatnya termasuklah
mengandungi antioxidant, mengelak cancer, 
dan mengurangkan kolesterol..
main antioxidants yang terdapat dalam green tea adalah catechin, flavonoids and EGCG.
katanya boleh juga meningkatkan daya pemikiran, meningkatkan kadar metabolism badan
dan banyak lagi lah.

jom doakan saya istiqomah minum air tidak bergula ini.

Tom Yum ต้มยำ Resipi Mudah Campak-Campak

Tom Yum
was once my favourite dish

Paih request nak tom yum yang ada santan macam makan dekat Phuket haritu
saya tak pernah masak pun sebelum nih

saya combine je beberapa resepi online 
Tom Yum ada banyak jenis
yang saya buat adalah Tom Yum Nam Khon (ต้มยำน้ำข้น)


  • Santan ~ 2 cawan
  • Air ~1 liter
  • 2 labu bawang putih
  • 1 biji bawang besar (onion)
  • limau kasturi (lime) 
  • serai ~5 batang 
  • daun limau purut (Kaffir lime leaves)
  • cili padi (mengikut kepedasan)
  • 1 cube Knorr Tom Yam
  • lengkuas (Galanghal)
  • oyster mushroom
  • tomatoes ~ 4 bijik
  • daun ketumbar/Coriander leaves/Chinese Parsley/Cilantro 
  • SEAFOOD - selalunya shrimp 

didih air
masukkan garlic + serai + cili api + daun limau + galanghal
did few minutes

saya masukkan kiub tom yam Knorr
selalunya saya tak masukkan sebab tak suka bahan perasa
tapi sebab nak cuba betul-betul ikut resepi
tapi resepi banyak ajar guna pes tomyam
tapi saya mmg no-MSG kitchen
(ok, dalam kiub tu adela 1-2gram kot MSG hehe)

then masukkan seafood (kali ni saya guna ketam dan udang)
then oyster
and saya sendiri tambah vegies dalam tomyam 
sebab saya malas masak lain untuk sayur

santan masuk paling last sepatutnya..
lepas tu boil sekejap je, then tutup api
(saya silap TERmasukkan santan dulu sebelum seafood)

inilah hasil akhir nya.
kurang merah.
sebab cili saya pedas sgt.
and santan pecah.
tapi rasa, boleh lah!

garam gula secukup rasa okeh.
btw, kalau rajin, sayur tu buat goreng mixed vegies dengan oyster sauce.
plus telur dadar panas gebu.

ni semua campur-campur resepi online dan mak tanya jiran kami yang orang thailand


langsir rumah saya baru halfway siap
kalau takde langsir, rumah tu macam akuarium la agaknya..
sebab ada 3 sliding doors menghadap depan (1 on each level)
and belah belakannya pulak tingkap jenis bay-window sampai almost ke lantai..

for the material, saya personally sukakan Kamdar kerana banyak pilihan-pilihan earth colours kosong
saya pernah survey Macy, saya percayakan kualitinya, tapi tiada pattern yang saya nak masa tu.

ini contoh terbaik langsir yang saya suka.. warna kosong tapi embossed with corak
corak yang tidak terlalu over, ade halus-halus dedaun kecil..
(tapi malangnya kain tu out-of-stock) 

so corak seperti yang gambar di atas, tapi warna lain, saya ambik jugaklaa.. 
tapi saya guna pada sliding door untuk bedroom on the first floor..

ini another bedroom..saya suke sangat yang ini..
masa beli kat kedai tu rasa biasa je..
bila dah jadi langsir siap gantung tu rasa happy pulak tengok.. 

this is my living room.. 
saya tak tahu kenapa dah bagi exact measurement, tapi lipat-lipat die tu tak ngam-ngam 
bilik lain semua ok je
so saya rasa tukang jahit lain yang buat estimate jahit langsir panel untuk living room ni..
tapi dari segi spaces and lipat-lipat tu bukan masalah besar sangat
saya boleh adjust lagi besi tu and rearrange the spaces..
cuma kelabuhan tu saya sendiri yang salah estimate
masa saya ukur langsir tu, saya memang nak tinggi sampai ke 'just below the cornices'..
tapi lupa mengambil kira saya nak buat wooden rod untuk letak 'scallops' langsir tu..
saya pasang rods semua lepas dh tempah langsir pun..
so lepas ni kene turunkan balik dah jahit balik satu lipatan bawah tu..
jahit sendiri je la kot..straight je kan.

Upah jahit?
saya tempah siap dengan KAMDAR terus
sangat berbaloi bagi saya
siap die pasangkan pins semua tu..
siap-siap boleh terus sangkut
saya bg ukuran, die kirakan semua, 
yang jadi ngam elok tu mmg ngam elok la..
dahla MURAH gile upah!!
tak ingat la exactly brape ringgit sekaki

Ini pun saya sangat berpuas hati
saya beli dekat kilang terus
harga borong
aluminium rails to around RM3 je kot sekaki
wooden rods tu pula around RM5 ke camtu la
Federlite/Felton ni yang memang supply ke hardware/supermarket
kami dah pergi cek, mmg dapat untung at least by half
dahla saya bagi ukuran bodoh-bodoh camtu je dalam centimetres
taukey tu sendiri tlg kira-kira and estimate berapa inci kene lebih etc
dahla tak berkira sebab die sendiri yang produce..
total double railing (alumunium) and wooden rods for EVERY windows and sliding doors hanyalah RM600+ sahaja! 
tapi takle la kalau tiba-tiba nak pegi beli sebatang kot
just google their address dekat puchong
or just Waze them!

ini pula wet kitchen..
dh buat entry kan pasal pergi Spotlight semata-mata nak lace ni..
wet kitchen ni buat half bawah, half atas
lace tu dh siap panjang (drop) macam-macam size
ade 5 sizes kot.. so utk mcm2 jenis tingkap/pintu..
siap jahit dengan mini tape.. tp saya pakai wire yang basic zaman dulu2 je sbb nk sangkut camtu je kan..
sifir die = lebar tingkap/pintu x 2.5
so hasil kedutannya seperti di atas
balik siap sangkut je.. tak perlu jahit-jahit lagi..

29 December 2016

WWF - Do Our Part

for quite some time, i've been searching for my niche in this world
i want to do something good
something not related to my paid job, something not directly related to Ibadah as a Muslim 
(even though everything is ibadah)

and yesterday a guy approached me in the clinic..
i usually sweep away any reps coming during clinic hour as our time is so precious
but when he introduced himself as the WWF representative, 
i knew it there and then, i want this
i want to do this

i am yet to explore how i can get involved
but i signed up for he monthly donation.

but to begin with, how i live my life makes a difference.

In Your Home
  • Buy energy-efficient household appliances you can afford.
  • Recycle your paper, glass, plastics and other waste.
  • Save water: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off your televisions, computers and stereos when not in use. That little red standby light means they're still using power - and that means a contribution to global warming.
Out & About
  • Bring your own bags to the shops to carry home your groceries and shopping. 
  • Help reduce the world's rubbish - avoid "throw-away" products like paper plates and napkins, plastic knives, forks, and cups. Stop using Styrofoam products – bring your own container to food stalls and restaurants for takeaways.
  • Make sustainable seafood choices when ordering your dish, refer to the S.O.S Guide.
  • Report Wildlife Crimes to 019-356 4194
  • Choose wisely and help stop illegal wildlife trade!
    • *Do not buy products made from endangered species, such as "tortoiseshell jewellery" (Hawksbill turtle shell) or ivory. 
    • *Do not buy medicines which claim to contain parts of endangered species, such as pangolin scales, tiger bone or bear bile.
    • *Do not eat dishes that include parts of endangered species, such as sharks fin soup or turtle eggs

In the Garden

  • Collect rainwater to water your flowers.
  • Never pick plants or pick flowers from the wild.
  • Plant more trees.


27 December 2016

The Sun Shines..

oh tidak
ini bukanlah iklan pencuci pinggan

ini hanyalah pemandangan indah pada mata saya
cahaya matahari pagi, indah.
serta freshly done dishes.

pagi hujung minggu tiada yang lebih indah bangun di rumah sendiri dan rehat.
rehatkan minda
rehatkan badan

waking up on weekends, not working, not oncall, is a luxury that we can't afford to get very often.

26 December 2016

One More Happy Ending

 i haven't cried watching Korean dramas for years..
i thought i've grown strong and became cold-hearted..
but i found myself sobbing away watching this. 

it's not a totally romantic comedy series, it's about a circle of friends with their own struggle.
and Baek Da-Jung's breast cancer touched me the most.
the part when her ex-husband found out about it.
and he could only look from afar.
i cried. 
i think they'll get back together.
they will.

17 December 2016

14 December 2016

Aroma Penambah Rasa Memikat Selera

What is the best part of cooking that you like the most?

the part when the onions, garlic and ginger start to caramelise..
my olfactory bulbs sparked!
whatever dish it was, the menuumis  part had always been my favourite.
if you know me well, I can easily get emotionally-attached to the things.. even anything.. 

i once had a dream to have a 'Dish Journal', telling personal stories about every dish i've learned, every dish i've cooked, every dish i've tasted.
each one of them unfolds memories of its own.

12 December 2016

Home Sweet Home

it's December..

i've always had something memorable in Decembers of the past years..
2016, we welcome you guys to our new home sweet home..

it may not be perfect.
but it's home.