04 September 2017


It's September!!!

i'm launching this new project of mine.

seriously, no pants of mine can comfortably fit me anymore 
**crying a bucket**

it's not that i have any drastic change in my diet,
but there's sudden inactivity since I got this desk job (which i really love now).
i've gained almost 7kg in 5 months.
(don't you think i have to check my thyroid?)

I am not dreaming for a 10kg loss or anything, but jusssst to get back into my pants

so here we are, already the 4th day into September
but only Day 1 on my project
(we lost the first 3 days due to raya and balik kampung)

-busy day just came back from kampung
-laundry day
-catching up with family in Klang Valley day
-packing day (going for a course for the next 3 days)
-only hit the treadmill for 32 mins - it was so boring without the drama on tv (internet was soooo slow)
-weight : 69kg 

-havent started the meal plan/healthy eating yet - no time to do groceries yet.
-even the next 3 days will be full - course day and night

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