09 February 2015

Visit Malaysia

I have been telling Paih about this Visit Malaysia Ad on the London Red Buses since last year everytime they pass by... I was wondering what people know about Malaysia, and what makes people attracted to visit us afte looking at this ad...

I'm not an expert, but would people expect that we have endless colourful celebrations all year round?  They are lucky if they come around Hari Merdeka, can wait for the parade and all.. But otherwise, hmmm.. 

Yes i get the idea that we want to portray our cultural diversity with multiracial background, but hmmmm... 

Okeh thats just my thoughts on this..

Btw, i really hope that one day i will have the chance to join the crowd in watching the real-life 'perbarisan hari merdeka'.. That has always been my childhood dream.. I can still remember my childhood 'pagi merdeka', watching the perbarisan on the TV and sing along 'inilah..barisan kita..yang ikhlass berjuang..'

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