08 February 2015

Teal Ribbon - PCOS Awareness!

i was preparing my slides for my project dissertation
and i've just discovered that PCOS has its own 'coloured ribbon'..
its a TEAL ribbon!
one of my favourite colour

i'm not a good writer
but suddenly it appeared to me that i should use my blog to spread awareness about PCOS
i'm not ashamed of my PCOS..
i have a lot to say about it..

why do i think awareness about PCOS is important?
for me, it's not only about your irregular period..
not only about your sub fertility..
not only about your cysts..
it's a lot more than that
every parts of your body are saying something about your PCOS..

it involves EVERYTHING you have to know about your health...
it affects your insulin, and later you are more susceptible to diabetes
..and subsequently put you at risk of cardiovascular disease
not to forget the risk of getting endometrial cancer (scary huh?)

but it's not all nightmares..
people with PCOS are believe to have 'thrifty gene'..
the gene for survival..

when i did some Googling about PCOS websites/blogs
i noticed that most of them are for advertorial purposes
people are selling diet plans/supplements/weightloss tips etc..
and i thought, why don't i share my stories.. 
not only my personal stories, but bits and pieces of things along my research journey..
my research is quite molecular..
too subspecific.. but to get to that point, i discovered new things everyday..

it will be A LOT if i would start talking about it now..
i will write about it bit by bit later..

btw, my blog colour theme matched this PCOS campaign right?!
so does my macbook cover and mouse!

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