13 February 2015

Shakespeare in Love, Noel Coward Theatre

i could not say that i have a lot of experience about plays or theatres
this was my second play i've ever watched my whole life..
(the first was Macbeth by Shakespeare when i was in Monash)
so we did not expect much from this, 
and it makes us enjoy every little bit of the play to the max!

Balqis even reminded us to 'look nice'..
maybe because we've seen in the movies that people wear nice dresses to the theatre..
so here i was, not with my usual 'floor-sweeping' oversized jeans, 
but with something nicer (i think).

we were so tempted to sneakily snap photos/selfies inside the theatre, but we didn't..
the interior was very classic, as it was opened since 1903!!
(not that i know what other theatres looked like)

so here are the photos that i took from the net so that you can better imagine it 

and here is the opening scene of the play..

if only you have the chance, grab it!
it's worth your every minute and penny!
(but we got the ticket for free, hihi)

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