16 February 2015

Sunday Morning

Simple breakfast on Sunday Morning.. 
After the whole day spent in the British Library the day before (yes,it was saturday!!and yes we r that nerd *_*), we decided to laze around on Sunday.. We spring-cleaned our room, and it's sparkling clean now!!

As we did the cleaning and rearranging, we realised how disorganised we were just because we thought we would move out anytime soon, so we didnt buy any bookcases, storage boxes etc.. 

But, the chance of moving out seems so slim now as we are getting comfortable with this we decided to just get anything necessary to keep the place nice to see..

How do you get rid of the mess on dressing table and study table? How do you make sure your study area looks presentable? Hmmm that's tough.. And it is near to impossible to keep them organised alll the time if you are a person like me.. I would admit that i'm a bit weird  about this, but i need to leave my books or study place exactly the way it was opened and clutttered when i was on my last line of the books/papers/website.. If someone has removed or even changed the angle of my stuff, i need to start all over again to get the feel of previous readings.. (Tak paham takpe).. 

So let say i was reading this.. My paper and highlighter was on that angle, so i need then to stay that way when i want to resume my readings..i'll feel something is not right if it has changed... desk will never NEVER ever look organised! *sigh*sigh*.. 

Oh get back to the spring cleaning, so we went to Homebase (they have storewide-15% yesterday!!), and we bought several baskets to DECLUTTER our mess! 

I've read an article in Good Housekeeping about how sometimes it is just impossible to organise everything, so you just need to DECLUTTER! means keep the clutters and mess in an organised confined space/area/box (depends on the stuffs).. For example, i have a bowl on my table just to throw in EVERYTHING - keys, lanyards, brooches.. Just because it is impossible for me to straight away arrange my things neatly right after i reach home! 

So yes, since reading the article few years back, i feel 'less bad' about being the way i am, realising that i'm not alone in being 'cluttered'.. 

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