30 January 2015

One Step At A Time..

i have been waiting for this first meeting with my project supervisor since last year, before the christmas break.. 
and finally today I can slightly feel at ease knowing that we kind of agreed on the specific research for the dissertation
i know that i want to do this project with him since the first time i heard his name during the orientation week
he has a big name in PCOS
i find PCOS interesting not because of my own experience living with it..
but i know this is the area that can cover almost every system in human body
..i hope everything will turn out well with this project

so here i am feeling motivated..
but for how long this will last?
this coming module (Breast and Reproductive Cancer) demands my whole weekdays..
plus that it's is not my 'thing'.. not my passion..

oh btw, i learned one interesting trivial fact today
the ratio between your second and fourth fingers can say a lot about your early life as an embryo in the past..

 i'll try to find any paper supporting the theory, and i'll share later okeh!

sistem MSc kat UK generally sama je camni.. untuk yang amik full-time, it'll be one whole year.. September-June akan ade taught classes and/or exams.. then starting June - September, akan sepenuhnya work on a project for dissertation..walaupon project lambat lagi tapi dah knee start apply for ethics approval etc.. and dah patut buat background reading/literature review..

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