24 January 2015

Aglio E Olio On Saturday

Believe it or not this is my first time making my own Aglio E Olio.. seriously!
the best i had so far was Enab's.. and i will never forget it..
and why now? 
Paih has been like 'awak...saya rasa terliuur sgt nak olio olio' for quite sometime..
and being me, i could never live without nasi, so his wish were left hanging..
but on my way home yesterday, suddenly it struck me that..
'hmmm ape salahnye tak makan nasi esok kan'
so here we are.. 3 rounds of Aglio E Olio in 1 day!!
(i couldn't find fresh parsley and parmesan @Tesco today)

but mine was quite dry because i haven't got enough olio d'oliva
but it tastes yummy nevertheless!!
but it doesn't look good enough without sprinkles of green fresh parsley

i know it's the simplest italian meal, but i'm still super excited because i don't know why i haven't tried this earlier
the trickiest part is 'garam gula secukup rasa' part
most recipes will say 'a pinch of salt' or 'secubit garam dan gula'
no no no, it's not that simple okay!

 Chef John  mentioned about the key part of the recipe is toasting the garlic..

"No two spaghetti aglio e olio recipes are alike, but this one is pretty true to the classic method. The key is slowly toasting the garlic slices to a perfect golden-brown in the olive oil. If it's too light, you don't get the full flavor and if it's too dark it gets bitter. My advice? Do it perfectly."

So here is the one that i used from Food Network

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