11 January 2015

Italian Lace

During our stay in Italy, we noticed that laces and needleworks are a common part of their life.. The first house that we rented in Chianni, Tuscany were full of these.. All the beddings, napkins and table runners were sooo sweet and mouth-watering (yes!!that's definitely the word i intent to use).. The owner had a hard time trying to think where can we buy them as almost everything in their house are hand-made by their moms and grandmoms.. 

And this little kitty is on the front door of a lace-shop in Lago Maggiore, but unfortunately it was closed on that day. 

In Florence, we went into a shop that sells maybe this kind of thing,towels and   napkins. It was not 'made-in-china' usual thing.. It was said to be pure 'Tuscan Fabrics'.. Omg really drooling! But as it is in the middle of Ponte Vecchio (the main tourist attraction in Florence), the price was we didnt buy anything from that shop. 

But at least we had our time in La Rosa, a small suburb in the valley in Tuscany.. The owner of the first house suggested that place, Magazzini Mangini. It was a big outlet of home supplies, but there was a big section that suits our taste.

Kak Noni said that Mummy's smile was the most obvious thing in this picture.. 

We were all sooo over the moon! Grabbing whatever we think will look nice  in our house! Aaaa even thinking about it makes me cry out of joy!! 

And then my thoughts were back to my previously mentioned 'intention' to learn knitting or crocheting. I dont have any basic knowledge about either of them, so i Googled. So i guess maybe i'll give crocheting a try (later). Firstly, I have to get myself a 'crochet for beginner kit'.. But the angan-angan can start from now kan.. 

All this crochet images are from Google.. Aisya, i will make you this baby elephant one day.. InsyaAllah.. Because i know your have the loudest laugh at the moment! Hihi. 

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