29 January 2015

Are there too many caesarean sections?

so we had a 'debate' session earlier this week
i was in the group for 'There are too many Caesarean Sections'
so i think i would share a few points here

so what are our recent rates of C-section ?
huge variation of caesarean section rates depends largely on which setting you are looking at
u may find a relatively higher rate in tertiery setting where they get all the complicated referrals
..but even higher rate is seen in private setting

while preparing for the debate, i tried to look for the prevalence of 'non-medically indicated caesarean section rate'.. but i doubt the figures that i found, it's too low!
in private setting (where most of the non-medically-indicated), u can always justify your indication
and caesarean-on-maternal-request is now becoming more acceptable..
so the statistics may be inaccurate

people argue that why would you be denied the right for a caesarean section if you can afford it?
i might be bias in saying this, but did all of the mother know the exact risk they are dealing with?
yes, women rarely die from childbirth nowadays, but do you know the financial burden and morbidities caused by this increasing rate?
doctors are seeing more rare conditions such as 'placenta accrete/percreta' nowadays
and evidence are saying this is due to the increasing rate of caesarean section

but in some parts of the world, the caesarean section rate is too low
this underuse of c-section is reflected by its high neonatal mortality rate
it's not fair right?
some parts of the world, we are overusing it, 
but somewhere else, people are dying without it...
but it's never going to be fair..

the main point is,
even if we live in a place where you can pay for everything,
think wisely
is the risk taken worth the benefit?


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