28 August 2013

Sushi King - Literally Eat Til U Drop

no, we didnt go anywhere for the weekend
we woke up and still think there's no perfect place nearby to go for the weekend

so...we've decided!!
to just go to OneUtama AS USUAL..
but..this time to eat till we drop
we planned to just stop by any stall or any eating place and grab something

our first stop was 
we were sooo starving at that time
we thought we only picked few of the sushis on the belt as an appetiser before the main course came
 butt..before we knew it we were already burrping with theeesee..

just grab while you can..

cant stop smiling...

as the main course came, we forced ourselves to finish them
and as for the drinks, this ginger soda is a must
sooo relieving as it goes down the throat..

we really had fun
real fun
(fun is when u know u can order your favourite meal as much as u want)

next thing we knew, we couldnt even drag our feet around the mall
we stopped on one of the bench
and decided to just go back and have a nap..

soo much of konon2 wanna eat alll we can.. 
(because we estimated to spend as much as the price of a hotel room for food that day)

*oh no pics of the real food as they went straight into our mouths!

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