23 August 2013

Malam-malam minggu..

the awaited weekend tiba jua 
no need to think about oncall (i'll be oncall free for the whole week)

usual activities - dine out with siblings or shopping or sleeping

and tonight Abang suggested Ayam Penyet Ria in Sunway
seriously i'm soo outdated
never tried this Ayam Penyet Ria pon eventho the hype about ayam penyets are already around for last few years
 previously my impression about ayam penyet is just ayam goreng kering with plain bland soup

but this time..i'm sooo wrong
the Empal Penyet was sooo yummy
soo soft and the taste are complete once it's inside ur mouth
i was wondering how do they marinate and cook them
do they slow-cook it first? or is it with pressure cooker?
then grill them or fry them?
i have nooo idea!


and omaigod, i've been trying the wrong ayam/empal penyet all this while
this is the real one..
serious business i tell u..
the plain fried tauhu pon weird bitter aftertaste
sometimes it feels as if u r eating very tender part of fried chicken
and Umar was as charming as always
and now he cant stop being super excited about almost everything around him
especially with the presence of her favourite sweet aunty - ME :)

there goes alll my attempt for a good diet
couldnt resist laa
and i will always say 'that's ok, only this time..'
and the same story and same struggle everyday

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Gojesnye awak!