23 August 2013

Shine Your Way

yeaayyy!!! (again!)
my first to consume! 
but the OsteMatrix is for Mummy..
Adik kata Ma's knee pain significantly improved after trying it
i donno if there's actually any direct relation or not
because it's basically a calcium supplement
and the knee pain that they suffers from are most likely is Osteoarhtritis
which involves the wear-and-tear of the cartilage in their joint
unless the pain is contributed by Osteoporotic changes of their bone, i couldnt see Calcium's role in it
but whatever it is, the pain reduced!

i am thinking to upgrade the supplement for Mummy - Advanced Joint Care 
but it's quite let's see how the OsteMatrix works first

and i'm sooo excited to get that mini pillbox..
thanks Ti..

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