24 August 2013

this might be euww for someone..
but this is heaven for someone else

now i'm going economics..thus self facial at home
i have my Paih to do this 'korek2' whiteheads thingy

why do i decide to stop going for facials for the time being?
firstly, we should ask, did few thousands that i spent for the past few years on facial make any difference? 

 if it did make some of the pores smaller, did it make any difference to my life?
yes it did make a lot of difference for me personally

but, it will make bigger difference if the amounts saved enables me to get a new house
or getting myself the interiors that i've dreamed about

therefore, i'm training my heart to be stronger and firm to myself

from Clinique, Estee Lauder, Shiseido to Neutrogena, Nano White
redha..dan pasrah..
eventho it's hard

but find day this year,
if i'm serious enough to do locum,
i might get myself SKII


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