06 May 2014

What's your choice?

I was about to throw the pink and green Vaselines, then i realised i should commemorate them somewhere since they are families :) a cute one! 

Ok we start with the Green..i totally totally fall in love with it since Summer 2007.. I remembered sneaking Beya's Vaseline into my luggage for my Japan Trip, and i was hooked! The smell, the memories and everything!

The Yellow appeared previously in the entry about things in my scrub pocket.. The smell is nice, but ok la, handy but otherwise nothing much to say.. But i really appreciate it when it's there after repeated usage of antiseptics-handrub all day long at work. 

And i would say the Pink one is out of my list now.. I bought few of them the other day because i cant resist miniature packagings at the Watson's checkout counter.. To my frustration, the smell was too strong and medicated..erk, cannot tahan! The only reason the whole tube is being used was because i left it in the car and Paih used it for his scar on his hand..

The girl who did our pedicure and manicure last week said that the real Vaseline (the petroleum jelly) is the best of all for moisturising and repair of dry skin.. It's just that the texture is slightly messy for daily use but i guess applying them on the foot as prebedtime routine wouldnt be so bad..then i can save from needing any foot treatment, hopefully! 

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