04 May 2014


A lots of foods involved this whole labour day (apart from lots of loves and laughs).. So in love with Paih over and over again for being this accomodative (being able to blend in with our crazy crowd might not be easy hihi).. 

We had a brunch at Big Brother Kota Damansara for a starter.. I love the Bruchetta! Paih's pasta is ok, but Effah's was too spicy for me.. 

No real shopping involved on that day, quite dissapointing because i hoped i could at least grab a pair or two of blouses/dresses (but found none!)

Then we got ourselves caiffeinated to prepare for the upcoming day ahead! It was so nice after soo long.. Couldnt help ourself from going back down our Melbourne memory lane.. 

The next stop, The Italiannies with the addition of Saffi, Kerri and Adah (and my new monopod,uhuks).. The food? The salmon was gooood... The gossips? As juicy as usual! 

As for the desserts, we went to Paddingtons House of Pancakes after maghrib.. Had sugar-rush for few hours at least! I love the bowl of mini pancakes and fruits with chocolate fondue! Didnt have the chance to snap the foods, rugi!! 

Oh btw, wondering what's bfftjfirdausi really mean? BFF till jannatulfirdausi! Lol

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Anonymous said...

sweet memory coz i got to eat nonstop. i love food.