09 May 2014

My Humble Kitchen

So while waiting for Paih to finish working, i went to this newly-opened market, Hero at Bandar Sri Damansara.. I was so excited because this tiny store has almost everything. Everything, means u name it either oriental or western, u got it! And the was pretty cheap i guess, looking at the kangkung priced RM0.35 per ikat. I bought some raw materials for a week supply since Paih MAY be around. If not, all the vegies will just dry up in the fridge.. So here are few of this week's dinner! 

This is the modified malay-version of grilled salmon.. I sprinkled garlic+ginger, salt and mixed herbs.. I have neither oven nor non-stick pan, therefore i literally put them on the stove.. I did not make the white sauce because i served it with my Udang Sambal Petai..

And i found a pack of peeled-petai!! So i guess i'll be having petai everyday (reminding myself to drink plenty of fluids to be kind to my kidneys). And the nasi was as simple as throwing in some butter,mushroom and mixed vegies (my student-years fav!).. The sambal wasnt 'red' enough because the dried chili already turned brown (explains how infrequent i cook).

I called this ayam-ala-thai,because i just put together all the usual thai ingredients..i stir-fried shallots, garlics, cilipadi, ginger, lengkuas, serai, daun limau purut. But i dont have sos-ikan-cap-sotong-thai, it's not complete! For the vegies, i actually intended to make kangkung-goreng-belacan..but the babycorn overshadowed it hehehe..the kangkung shrunk! 

But tonight, i'm not cooking because we are eating out with Paih's big sis.. And yes, i'm not a superwife, most of the time i could not bring myself up from the fluffy-fluffy pillows in front of the TV afterwork.. I love my sacred place.. 

This is where i need to be dragged to bed eeeevery day.. I sometimes hold my pee because i was too lazy to move.. (My plants were all unhealthy, so i moved the table slightly away from the window because i think direct sunlight is too much for them - i'll write another entry about them) 


balqis awang dahlan said...
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balqis awang dahlan said...

"most of the time i could not bring myself up from the fluffy-fluffy pillows"

bukan most of the time. Everytime. hahaha

s a r a h said...

Kalau everytime, kene pakai pampers la i!

Anonymous said...

Wah ada jugak comment has been removed by the author. mcm artis.
sape bagi nama doc 'Jebby' tu?