05 May 2014

Eye Candy

Thanks Aisya for your voucher, i felt bad that u dont have anything to buy from the bookshop..but i promise to grant your wish anytime for anything! 

I havent read any of Mariah Stewart's before this, so i'm quite anxious if her writings arent for me.. 

And why Nora Roberts? I guess she's famous for a reason.. The last time i read her book was 2 weeks ago.. I couldnt put it down and my heart beats with every page-turn.. It was Book One in the Bride Quartet..

So automatically the other three in the quartet will be in my wishlist, however the Popular's list wasnt exhaustive enough.. I've only managed to find Book Three with different printing version.. 

I wont be bored for this whole year kot! 

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Anonymous said...

say whaaatt?