19 February 2014

This Is 40

this was on HBO just now
in short, the movie is so depressing
depressing in terms of it's so cliche to talk about how love fades with time
i had a lot of things to say while watching it
but now i think i cooled down a little bit and couldnt list them down anymore
but Aisyah will surely like the part where the Husband kentut on the bed
and the Wife was so disgusted by the smell
i was just thinking, in more than years of their marriage, was that the first time they smell each other's kentut?

on the other note, i found a very nice and motivational writings on true love today
it is about this particular person who suddenly gave up his (yes, he is a man) stable job and moved to live in his parents' basement to pursue his research in finding whether true love does exist..
a lot of beautiful stories there...
it's not too slimy mushy-mushy stories, but it pointed out small things about love that sometimes people did not realise

(Paih is not at home, hence this sensitiveness)

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