25 February 2014

Payday and bye-bye day..

Paih will be away for abput a month! Tak perlu la groceries bawang-bawang bagai kan.. So we'll try something else.. Something other people has been healthily practiced for several months already.. (My Mummy claimed she's been with this diet for years..) 

Overnight oats!!

My colleagues have been licking their oats in the jar for months, and i just sat there savouring my nasi lemak,every morning without fail!

But it occured to me that i should at least try.. Try to alternate my breakfast.. But too costly la!! A cup of yoghurt is ~RM2.. The oat is ~RM8 per pack (dont know for how many servings).. Plus the fruits, nuts and milk.. Hmmm... But... If this overnight oats is fulfilling enough, i wont need ~RM6 lunch anymore pon kan.. 

Even banana pon sangat mahal kan! Ke sebab beli kat Tesco.. Pisang kat luar brape ringgit pon saya tak pasti.. 

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Anonymous said...

good luck..
mahalnya ur lunch
~big fan