11 November 2006

last night in halls

why in the world i need days to finis packing?soo stress about packing as if i'm taking an xm... okey, tomorrow at this time of the day i'll b the happiest person in the world... :D welcomed by my beloved family at the KLIA. but wut am i doing now? i'm supposed to wash all the dishes n clothes n pack them up already. i've been procrastinating for days already.. but this is the last call, by hook or by crook i need to do it tonite.. erm.. this is the last nite i'll b in halls.. bye bye halls.. it's not really big thing being in halls except that i don have to think about the bills... hot-showering for hours without bothering the dollars.. computers r on 24/7.. drying clothes without calculating n etc... so.. nxt yr i really have to b wise with my dollars.. dont forget ur dream,nyang.. jpon la.. mesir la... oz tour.. okies need to stop.. sth came up.. to b contd....

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