06 November 2006

exam freak

i havent write anything since the xm. it's not really bcoz i'm busy practising's more like i'm busy freaking out. i've wasted 5days after the exam ronggeng2 watching all sorts of things..cite indon,japanese,movies,etc..maybe i was still in the state of denial bcoz the OSCE's stem was so not fair... it's so much of talking.. there's no bonus station like CPR or other clinical skills.station 1&2 needs us to perform clinical xm to the shoulder and back and leg. and the stem was quite confusing bcoz we r'nt really sure whether we need to do the neuro or musculoskeletal xm. wuaa.. station 3...hmmm..we r the GP,the patient has all sorts of medical condition..bipolar affective disorder,cataract,cardiac failure,osteoarthritis...we need to talk about his driving.. he involved in a few accidents n bla blabla.. maybe bcoz of his cataract or bipolar..nout sure.. i'm afraid of he'll be a 'hard' patient... i'm worried if i stuck halfway lost of words to continue the conversation bcoz there wasnt really any fixed script for this station.i'm really not good in conversation.. really, even in real life i cant bring the conversation on if i'm with ppl i din know. station5..she's a medical student..need to talk about the craig hassed's stuff... basically the ESSENCE.. dont forget to ask the caffeine q.. hahahah.. for this one i really need tp wtite down n make a structure of the conversation in case i got stuck.. station 6.. this one should e really easy for the locals. it's HOPC station for leg pain..arhhhh.. i'm really scared... oki sarah, dont forget to ask 'is there anyhting else u wanna share with me?'... and lastly station 7.. MSE station..wuaa... never expect this station.. evrybody was surprised bcoz they was never in the osce in past yrs.. ok, just relax... just carry the conversation untilthe 5th minutes.. then we have to report to the examiner.. that list of things shud be memorised by tonite... i'm really scared..

ya Allah, guide me..

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