24 November 2006


#these posts is written after i tried to read a veryboring story.
okey, i forgot to add in the list of foods i've eaten : laksa-laksa :p
....and i also met Dao Ming Szi...okey, met figuratively la.. he's in The Hospital.. but i cant stand that drama..sooo slow.... n sooo not real.. he's not meant to b a doc. he shud be like Dao Ming Szi,foreva.okey,sounds gdix..but i really am when it comes to those guys in the TV... the list in my xanga answered all.
and also..i've been reading novels these days.. n things kept me wondering.. there's always caption like 'saye suke awak sbb keikhlasan awak,kejujuran awak n bla bla bla..awak jd diri awak sendiri.blablabla..' can ppl see the honesty???can ppl see purity?? how do they judge the partner have been their trueself??how can they say others have not been their trueselves?? bcoz it's in the novels then they can say everything they want..they've been giving false hope to readers.. of cos the main character can say their partner can be trusted n all bcoz the writer of coz could make sure their loyalty etc.. but in real world, can 'trust' be something big like what have been exaggerated now?? dont get me? hmmm.. how to xplain this... i had come across a few 'tips kebahagiaan' or ape2 yg swaktu dgnnya.. n trust will surely b in 1 of them.. hmmm... suddenly felt so mls to cont my xplanation.. after all it's not related to me at all.. :D

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