29 November 2006

it seems like 24hrs isnt enough ~what a cliche!~ i woke up at 9/10, then my day is full of everything.. i havent got time to feel bored, in fact i have so much more things to do in queue =))
i'm scared~a real scare~ that i'll wake up one day realising it's already feb. hmm.. i guess this is when i need to apply mindfullness..hihihi.. i have a big jigsaw puzzle to solve.. 4(at the mean time) malay novels to read.. and uncountable english books to read... i really need to read english books.. my english is so in the 'beginner' state. u can tell from my blog la.reading is fun if everyday is like today...i mean, holiday! not any holiday, but summer holiday!!!!!!!! hmmm... what am i going to cook for lunch? hmm.. have something in mind but let us just wait.. just eat what i'm gonna cook..they arent fussy, are u? :p hey, realised the caption 'NAAUC TRANSPORT OFFICER'? hahaha.. google that n see what will u find.. hihihi.. such a small thing being discovered is such an achievement for me.hihihi.i didnt remmber what that naauc stands fr..but it's like national association of australian uni college .. hahaha.. it may sounds like that.. every yr, there'll b a convention held at one of the participating colleges.. so this coming 2007 convention will b hosted by mannix college..ring a bell???n we know tok nyang right.. but i didnt expect him to be the commitee members or sth.. but he did! and kakak-tok-nyang is the merchandise officer.. i didnt know other committee members. but i guess tok nyang n her kakak was very close bcoz they do such things together(of coz!).

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