05 December 2016

Do The Next Best Thing


life reflections.. 

i've always wanted to write on how i felt about things around me in life..
something like a diary.. and that was why i started this blog (yearssss ago), as a diary..
but saying out loud, with permanent evidence of what is inside my head would be too scary for me..
but reading great things people write about their life made me feel like writing, again.

critically observing our surroundings are enriching.
i feel satisfied.
sometimes this my be mistaken as 'being judgemental'.
but that's what life requires us to do - to judge your decisions and options.
as long as you don't go and personally bash other people's decision, i think you are allowed to think AND JUDGE as you wish.

for the past year and a half, we have been through a lot..
start from the time we decided to give the 'life diversion' a try.
we had good times. and bad times. 

during those times, one thing i kept in mind.. be thankful..
be thankful.
other people had it worse.
be thankful.
things can be worse.
be thankful.
we had what we had.
be thankful.
more is coming.

and we passed through the years, together.
 take one thing at a time.
i was thinking, time will pass by regardless of how you take it.
so be present.

'do what you have to do, and see how it goes'

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