11 April 2016

Day Whatever

As I scrolled down my previous entries, I cant help but felt frustrated with my current diet. The last entry on my 'healthy eating' was only until Day 8 (but rest assured it lasted more than that).. This 'healthy eating' thing requires a lot of strong willpower, energy and even money.. 

We tried our best to merge our routine meals with the 'suggested healthier options', but it's like a yo-yo. It depends on our groceries timing, and healthy food in Malaysia is no kidding way more expensive. But, to feel less guilty, we totally avoid junk food and soft drinks. We never deep-fry our food anymore, use Actifry instead. 

This was our Kueyteow Bandung for  dinner last night. It is not a perfect meal, at least it's not too oily. This is my first attempt on kuah bandung, combined together few different recipes from Google. The only thing i didn't add was ubi keledek blend, but i put more dried shrimps. 

The only judge was Paih, and as usual my meal is marvellous to his tastebuds ^_^

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