25 April 2016

Crushing Candy Addiction

When Candy Crush started to become a craze few years ago, i could still hold back and did not involve myself with the crowd.. but one day i could not resist because my boss was giving me step-by-step instructions on 'how to install candy crush'..i was like 'hmmm, not that didn't know hot to download, it's just that i'm not interested' but i installed them anyway.. 
...and the waves began...i could not put down my phone, addicted!
both me and Paih were hooked..until one day my boss said 'there goes your s*x life' because i told her we both were crazy competing for the better rank..
erkkk, i have no comment about that....but eventually i uninstalled the game from my phone, to prepare myself as a full time student, with minimal distractions..

i had candy-crush-break for about a year, until recently i re-installed it, with the intention to reduce my internet data plan usage..
and again, i am hooked..
i know this is nothing new, but i have concluded several main points on the 
'influence of candy crush on my life'

-yes, less data plan wasted on scrolling the social media 24/7
-no more boring waiting time

on the other side,
-my photo album are all haywire as the dates are all wrong, i kept on changing the date back and forth to get more 'lives'
-my battery died very very fast
-i walked with my eyes stuck on the phone (the sight that me myself loath)

one day i said to Paih when we both were playing Candy Crush while waiting for our food in a restaurant 'sayang, kite bahagia kan? ni fire cara kite spend time and communicate la kan? sbb kite dual happy kan main candy crush?'
LOL paih was like 'erk, ni cube sedapkan hati ke ape ni?'

but yes, we are happy with Candy Crush!

(this post has no points pon) 

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