16 June 2015

This is my second day of 'project-term'. (No that is not my experiment in the photo). So I will spend 9-5 in Royal Free Hospital for the project. Ramadhan is coming, and I can only du'a that I'll have the energy to face the day without my usual morning coffee (maybe that is good for me).

despite my believe that PCOS women should avoid caffeine, I can't help but rely on multiple daily dose of caffeine to keep me going, sometimes i feel like i need an infusion-pump with me for continuous intravenous supply.

Oh about coffee, why does it matter in PCOS? Hmmm.. They dont have definite conclusion,yet, but the theory is that it will make your body to produce more insulin, especially the insulin in PCOS women are 'less-sensitive'. Peaks of insulin are not good for you, not good for androgen (male hormone) in particular.. 

Having said that, i rather choose my sanity than the molecular stuffs in my body (as usual) 😆😆😆 

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