23 June 2015

The Road Less Travelled..

Yeay, I've got NHS Trust ID today, after months of waiting for the Honorary Contract approval.. It's weird though, being on the other side of the fence..seeing Doctors do things that I normally did before.. In a way, I felt relieved because I don't have to deal with the 'hmmm, the CTG isn't looking that good..but...' , 

but i miss the part where i could say to patients 'everything looks good from the scan..' Or 'enjoy your pregnancy journey'.. Or the best part is 'look, that's the heart beat!!'

... The road diverged in a yellow wood... Whatever path lies ahead of me, I hope I will wake up in the morning feeling 'yeay, another day !!!' (I'm really not a morning person, i snoozed my alarm 4-5 times every working day!!!)

Seriously, the only thing that matters to me is being able to wake up every morning looking forward what life can offer me... And that is the only reason I'm going through this now.. For a better 'mornings'...

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