30 November 2014

Loveless Century..

so we've just watched this movie
'My Future Boyfriend'
it's about a CUTE guy *cough-cough* from the future,
from the year 3127 to be exact!
he found a box full of currencies dated 2012 with a novel,
a love story..
he was perplexed by the book, by the words he haven't heard before..
it seems like there'll be no more LOVE, PASSION, LUST in their century
as it was described as some kind of virus that make people act strangely and in illogical way..
they believed that it is the root cause of all the sufferings in this world
*it may be true, right?*
therefore, the word LOVE was erased from their world
so out of curiosity, this guy traveled back to 2012 to meet the book writer
this time-travel was initially solely scientific journey with the purpose of finding out what is LOVE and why is it so dangerous..

yes this movie is beyond logic, but i like the essence of it
the whole story is like trying to define LOVE
which is something to be experienced..indescribable..

oh actually i don't intent to write a review or anything
just wanna keep few of my favourite quotes from the movie

this is how she tried to explain what is love..

It's something that happens when you meet someone that you feel deeply connected to. And, it's not like that connection is a product of anything, intentional, but rather, something outside, of yourself. Something that you can't fight. Something that was, just, meant to be. Something that makes you wish you could live forever so you would never have to be without it.

Something that you can't fight; something that was just meant to be; 
something that makes you wish you could live forever so you would 
never have to be without it..

i was thinking.. what if we really live in a loveless century?
what if people stop needing love?
what if worldly longings replace the need for a pure passion?
what if people never care about it anymore?
how lost the world would be..
how lucky we are to be in love..

*this wintery weather does make people excessively sentimental*

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