17 November 2014


When I rarely updated my blogs, there's only 2 possible explanations; it's either life is too stressful/demanding or life has been too good... i noticed my pattern of blogging now.. i tend to blog (sometimes can be several entries per day) if life is boring and mundane.. but today, i'm neither boring nor jobless..i just wanted to make sure i have something to look into someday..

it's supposed to be Autumn now, but it was like my Winter in gets dark at 4pm and intermittently wet.. therefore we have limited time and place to hang out and date..we tried to at least go the park once a week over the weekend though.. i think we've missed the yellow leaves (but we do have a photo with the yellows at the square next to our apartment.. all the parks are brown now.. 

i will never get bored talking about the seasons and how it relates to my feeling.. i've always associate them with movies/songs and i will bore Paih with my stories of how the songs relate to me in the past. so far, i sang Amy Mastura's Kasih Kita and Nora's Hadirlah kekasih as we strolled down the Green Park.. can't wait to play Winter Sonata soon in coming few months..

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