08 October 2014

Judge A Book by Its Cover

this is one of the topic that i searched on YouTube because i think visual learning is easier than textbook reading (plus the fact that the time is running out, exam is next week).. and this video was the first on the search result for 'Comparative Genomic Hybridisation'.. as u can see, the video was not impressive enough, therefore i've tried other videos first... but then, as i read the review for this video, i might need to give it a try..a lot positive comments saying his explanation is very clear and structured.. 

as i try to concentrate on the topic, i can't help but thinking about why does he need to use the big headphones like that..cant he just use small mic attached to his video cam or whatever.. seriously i can't focus! but it seems that he made a lot of biological videos with good reviews.. 

**lol-ing dalam hati**

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