27 January 2014

The Hong Kong - The Tour

much delayed entry due to the need to be perfect
but of course it'll never be.. 
WARNING : lots and lots of selfies here..

1. The Flight
as mentioned before, it was an impromptu holiday, we bought the ticket just one week before the trip, so i guess it's not the most economical deal we could get. the flight was at 8.30am..but we reached LCCT waay earlier, so i spent the time waiting with reading and Paih spent the time playing CandyCrush! it was soo relaxing..knowing that you'll be as free as a bird in the next few days...yes we both felt like something lifted up from our shoulder..

2. The Arrival
as usual, arriving at the destination could be so exhilirating..we could not stop 'omaigod omaigod omaigod' (WE means I..hehehe). as expected, the weather was sweater-requiring.. fuuhh nasib baik sejuk..if not, we've wasted unnecessary pre-holiday shoppings! The airport was huge.. 

3. The Train, The Bus and The Tram et al
if i would say a word for Hong Kong's public transport, it would be PERFECT! at least perfect for our trip. reliable and easy peasy even for newbies like us..and of course NOT EXPENSIVE at all!! we've never need to wait more than 3 minutes for any of them throughout the 3 days stay, seriously! 
for anyone going to Hong Kong, Octopus Card isnt a bad idea.. initially i thought i would give them a pass because 3 days je pon....tak perlu la kad mcm touch&go beria-ria kan.. but i'm glad i've searched around and never i found people discouraging the usage of it.. 
we bought the card at the airport ticketing counter, the minimum is HK$150(~RM65). the value in the card will be HK$100 because HK$50 will be considered as refundable deposit. so dengan card ini kami tidak perlu risau untuk beli ticket train - kene fikir exact station untuk stop and everything kan. we just need to swipe dekat station je, and if we've changed our mind about the stopping station, no worries about the ticket kan.. the card can also be used as various convenience store including their supermarket and 7eleven!

 4. The Hostel
in general, Hong Kong is super expensive city. we read somewhere on the net that our hostel area had the most expensive rental rates in the world, i mean their house and shop rents. we booked a private double room with ensuite. the size is 'cute', but most importantly it's clean and comfortable. we felt safe. the view from the hostel was just some other random buildings, macam dalam movie pon ade..
our hostel was in Causeway Bay, great location, just few minutes walk to the MTR station.

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