21 January 2014

Hong Kong : The Plannings

why Hong Kong?
no exact reasons, tapi memang sentiasa ada dalam wishlist..
this is fun! planning in less than a week!!
some people prefer more spontaneous holiday - go with the flow type
kalaui ni kaya raya maybe i suka macam tu gak kot
but when going to somewhere costly, and limited time, i prefer to have all planned out
i tanak ade wasted time going back and forth places unnecessarily

the 1st step is i Googled the main attractions yang people will always talk about
Trip Advisor was the greatest help in everything - especially when people shared their honest opinion and experiences..
their official website Discover Hong Kong pon amat membantu

after i listed down the main attractions, i searched them one by one
i highlighted the main thing - location and cost of course!

 then i roughly put all the places on the map and compare to sort out the sequence
yes i was very detailed
up to the point i have all the exact timings of the train and the MTR fares
(the mobile app helped a lot!)
seriously Hong Kong is very tourism-friendly place
their instructions were mostly very detailed that even includes the exit at the train station

 this is the snapshot of my itineraries
bukanla i akan inflexible atau too rigid
at least as a guide je so that i can expect what's next

 this is the lists of Halal food outlets in Hong Kong
i aimed the meal times to be around the places yang ade Halal food
(apart from membawa bekal buns and Maggi untuk standby)
happy tummy is the key to happy journey i tell you!!

so where did we stay?
one of the blogger that i've been following for years had a trip to Hong Kong few years back
they had a great stay at this one hostel
and all the websites pon had great reviews on this particular hostel
but unfortunately within such a short notice, they are all booked out
went through Hostel World as suggested, and i shortlisted the reasonable options
thinks to consider - location, ensuite, cleanliness, and of course PRICE!
Hong Kong memang generally mahal untuk apa sahaja
so cukupla untuk duduk hostel sahaja kan
because this is not the trip yang we need to stay in the room menikmati suasana pantai ke ape kan
hanya memerlukan a place untuk letak barang and tidur malam sahaja
so finally i dengan berdebar-debar decided on this hostel
Comfort Hostel Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

 seriously! tak menyesal memilih hostel tersebut
as the review said, great location
sangat dekat dengan MTR station
and ade supermarket kat depan tu yg 24 hours open (untuk beli anything - drinks or ape2 je la)

as they all said, Causeway Bay ni adelah tempat shopping
they once said
If shopping is a sport, this will be Olympics!
huhuhu as mentioned in previous entry, nope i didnt buy anything!

ni baru part planning
but it's the biggest part of any trips

tapi kerana saya terlalu fokus terhadap perjalanan, 
ada few things la termissed - about packing
*didnt bring towel okayh, lupe plak kalau bukan hotel maybe takde towel
*food yang dibawak tu tak variety - should have bawak more snacks - sebab sangat sejuk so sentiasa rasa nak mengunyah - beli biskut kat sana so mahal  
*bawak maggi tapi lupe nak fikir about bowls/spoons - end up spent duit dollar beli mangkuk plastik and sudu sebab malam2 nak makan maggi sebelum tido
*air mineral pon should bawak sebab luggage kosong je - air mineral sane ~HK$8-11 sebotol - terpaksa beli jugak

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Anonymous said...

hi.. i nak tanya pasal hostel kt HK..hostel u duduk ya? Plan nak pg HK dec ni.. try cari hotel semua mahal2.. terjumpa blog u pasal hostel.. boleh share experience stay kat hostel tu x.. tq