28 January 2014

The Hong Kong - More Places

7. The Promenade
The promenade ni bole nampak pesisiran air Hong Kong.. Victoria Harbour.. tapi the view tak best sangat sebab berkabus..or is it jerebu? and it was too cold sampaikan kami tahap malas nak bergambar sangat..terasa nak letak tangan dalam poket je.. according to wiki, Hong Kong adalah negara yang memiliki paling banyak bangunan pencakar langit (they have the criteria la, brape meters height within brape km square area). apart from the weather, rase sangat untuk berkasih sayang..hihi..
along the promenade terdapat Avenue of Stars, dimana mereka mempunyai beberapa scultptures of their famous stars..and ade macam Walk of Fame camtu..
.. oh i took pic with my ex boyfriend's star, Andy Lau..lalala..

8. The Symphony of Lights
it was said that this is the largest permanent sound and lights show (in the world?) blogger did mention about her frustrations on this lights was said that they involved too many buildings at once and very hard to appreciate..but i kept my optimism with me while waiting for it..but unfortunately, i had to agree with her.. i expected something as smart as lights show at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (the images that have been advertised is pretty much similar to that)..but seriously the light show didnt impress me at all..firstly because the lights used are not laser lights (which is much more sharp and grand).. secondly because there the canvas is too big... it's like bangunan nyalakan lampu-lampu je..skala skala je ade laser show..hmmm but ok la for an experience..

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