16 December 2013

One of those weekends...

Some weekends..i'll be soo lonely and borrreeed especially when Paih wasnt around... But last weekend was a full one...

After frequent oncalls last week, i had a good family time.. It started with picking up Daddy at Abang's place on friday evening...the rain and traffic was soo heavy that i drove almost 30-40km/h all the way from mutiara damansara tu puchong..

I went back home,frustrated,and had a movie marathon (finishing up few recorded movies on Astro)..frustrated because Paih's flight would be slightly later than expected the next day.. That means another Saturday without him..

But despite the frustration about Paih's absence, i had a good day at our cousin's wedding..

(mummy said i got MokYah's assymetry..hehe)

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