11 December 2013

Jejak Francis Light

Thanks to KakPaih sebab convo...oleh yang demikian ade reason for a trip to Penang.. We stayed in one of the apartment in the heart of Georgetown... The apartment was quite convenient (apart from the fact that it's on the second floor and the elderlies had to climbed all the way up)..

There was a moseluem in the apartment's courtyard, belong to The Kapitan Keling who was believed to own the properties around that area..

Food-hunting is a must in Penang!! Tapi dari Kuala Lumpur lagi dalam hati ada satu niat..iiitu mahukan CHEESE NANN !! Kak Noni kata paling best kat kami pon beria-ria la kan bangun pagi g breakfast dengan konfidennya order cheese nann..ooh-oh nann tak dibuat pagi2 la dik...*tearless-cries*

Nevertheless, dapat merasa pasembuq and char kuey teow original Penang dekat Padang Kota Lama.. Eventhough they are tooo overly described, saya tetap Buuuurrrrppp Alhamdulillah.. I gained few kilos from this trip *crying-again!!*

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