20 December 2013

Depan Rumah..

After the dinner last night we made a pitstop to someplace near our house, The Courts Mammoth Megastore..i've never been to any of their store pon..but Paih kata 'kalau terus balik rumah akan tido, tidak elok untuk kesihatan'.. We were looking for a new phone for Baba but the one we were interested in was out of stock.. But we managed to get something we've been looking for like forever..
Tadaa!!! The shopping trolley :))

Our new RED shopping trolley.. So now we can buy few gallons of mineral water at once!

Oh i havent share Daddy's book here (eventho i already shared them on the instagram...)

Daddy finished it in 2 days!!


Anonymous said...

waaa..u must be living in a grand area!
~ your secret admirer

balqis awang dahlan said...

wow, sarah got secret admirer!