21 November 2013

Money cant buy the past..

Do u ever feel like wanna go back to the time when everything is scheduled and the routines make u feel really secure? It's our 'comfort-zone' i would say..

I had this cramping aching feeling in my tummy when i went to aisyah's Mahallah.. The ache to go back to the student time...
The small cubicle seems far more inviting than any bigger house can offer.. The small study desk would really pin me down instead of this study area in the middle of a big room with TV and smartphone..

How i wish i'm still a care-free student... Go with the flow.. Do what u have to do.. And see how it goes..

But no, not that i'm not grateful for what i have and had...but the moments seems too fast..

Hmmm maybe i miss Paih too much...

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