04 November 2013


Next in line..dah beli tapi belum baca.. After dah habiskan (sepenuh hati) 'The Best Of Me' memang ada sudden urge to marathon all the romantic novels..

Nicholas Sparks kadang-kadang best, kadang-kadang too cliche..

This 'Safe Haven' rupanya dah ade movie die released this year...tapi katanya banyak negative critics...

They said it's 'schmaltzy, predictable and melodramatic' with 'ludicruous plot twist, making a particularly ignominious Nicholas sparks adaptation'..

Wow a lot big words...whatever they mean, i dont care , i'll try to dig in the novel soon..

(and The Best of Me is coming soon next year somewhere in October..)

points of learning :
IGNOMINIOUS - causing disgrace or shame
SCHMALTZY - overly emotional, cheesy sentiment, grandiose passion

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