29 November 2013

Funny But True

I read this from, it's so funny when silly things u do are actually something 'recommended'... i think i'm quite a pro at 'hiding the mess'.. Hehe..

Still remember when we were little, we have a small room we called 'bilik kecik' next to the living room where we put all the things when we are expecting guests are coming.. We used to TRY to keep the mess in the small room as organised as possible, but it wont last long.. (the room was actually meant to be our mini library, but it was the most strategic place as our emergency room)

On the same note, i found this so-called tips..

Erkk?? Do we use the towel only once? Maybe dekat hotel laa kot.. Or memang mat salleh pakai sekali je ke?


mek ah said...

one of my kenalan kt nihon basuh towel everyday!!! tp dio kawen ngan nihonjin ler.. hihi

s a r a h said...

Erkk...nak basuh tadop masalah, nak melipat tu malas...bakpo basuh stp hari ek?