02 October 2013

Yes it was my birthday 2 days ago.. It was the most humble celebration ever...
Beya bought a slice of my favourite yummy carrot cake in advance! Thanks a lot okayh!
Paih was outstation, and he was not around until few minutes before 30SEPTEMBER ended..

Paih asked me what do i want for my birthday...



^_^ thank you sayang..

Excited sangaattt..

Nak kene pegi holiday to somewhere hot and sunny laa camni baru la berbaloi kan..

Drive pegi keje masih gelap...balik keje pon selalunye dah gelap, bile nak gune ek..

Arini balik keje around 6pm tapi mendung la plak... SPF30 yang baru dibeli pon belum berguna (eventhough i akan tetap apply before start driving walau dah senja pon)

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