12 October 2013

Are You Ready?

 it was my post-call
 one good thing about attending a course post-call is that u dont need to tahan muak tengok the saaame case for more than 24hours
but the not-so-good thing is that we couldnt get the half-day off postcall 
but i tell you, this course is so worth it!
dont u know that contraception is more than about not having new kids YET,
yes, it's wayy more than that

it contributes to the maternal mortality and child's health 
it plays important role in the WHO MDG - Millennium Development Goals
(in the 4th and 5th goals specifically)

it was showed statistically that the maternal and child's health somehow related to the contraception prevalence in certain countries
means that the country with more prevalent use of contraception (of any form) seems to have less maternal and child's mortality and morbidity

and one of the speaker was..
Prof Dr Harlina Siraj..
never thought will meet her in person

and the most interesting message from her was

doesnt really matter how many children you wanna have..go ahead and have ten if you may...
but all of the pregnancies should be 
spaced out, well planned, intended
and most importantly WANTED

yes, being WANTED is the most important..

and of course, the most exciting part was getting free stuffs

and this u know what it is?
you might wear it with your ID, WITH PRIDE, walking around the hospital without knowing what the white ring part was intended for..

it's basically like the contraceptive pills's not taken orally


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