01 October 2013

carbs and tastebuds..

Main problem kalau nak eat-out adelah i couldnt find the PERFECT place for both our ringgits and our health (never found the right combination YET)

So today another try goes to this BBQ place in One Utama (next to Sushi King).. Hmmm i was a bit frustrated looking at the menu..not much choices, memang i donno what i'm looking for but i expect more.. Pricewise, i think memang tu kot range harga food kalau dalam mall camtu kan (lets not get started on the inflation issues and silly food prices in our beloved country)..

Mula2 tengok my order sampai agak terkejut sebab macam die kata 'whole leg marinated in bla bla bla'. And that was what they call whole leg? Tecikkk sangat for RM 14.90.. Kecewa kecewa!
Tapi sejurus selepas the tender chicken landed on my tastebuds, i cooled down a bit..hmm rasa bole tahan.. Sedapp la jugak.

Ini plak wat Paih ordered..biasa-biasa je katanya..

So will we come back? Hmm i guess no...move on to the next try..NEXT pleeasee...

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