10 September 2013

The Old Times

singgah rumah Effah haritu for Zuhur
then sebab the next stop was open house, i thought of touch up skit la kononnye
then mintak pinjam eyeliner Effah
bestttt sgt rupenye TheFaceShop punye eyeliner yang ni
at the moment i'm eyeliner-less after the Clinique went missing
everytime i went to buy new one i kept thinking that i might put them at waste
but this time i think i will make up my mind
masuk je kedai tu and grab one
no more thinking!
eyeliner ni texture nye sangat soft
and colour pon tak terang sangat
and bile amik air smayang die tak smear
die senang tanggal
(yes my prob with wearing eyeliner is looking like a panda bile nak remove even with make up remover)

 and IF i decided to masuk kedai FaceShop tu,
sarah, please grab another blusher yg mcm ni
the last one pon hilang
(i know what adik and aisyah will say about this)
and seriously this blusher sgt best jugak
i suke yg mcm orange tinge tu
die takkan terlalu pekat
and look soo natural
i've bought one of this kat Aussie dulu - i used this for several years gak
then kat Malaysia pon i dah penah beli, tp hilang laa

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