10 September 2013

Happy Birthday Babe!

 hari sabtu haritu pegi open house rumah mama karimah
combine dengan aqiqah cucunya
and kebetulan pula birthday Baby Sarah is coming
and there was this cute chocolate and cake booth with cute
hehe..of course i wont miss the chance to pose prenteding it's for me

Suti made all the cakes, macaroons and even marshmellow!!!
so konfemla la halal kan marshmellow tu
(suti kata just beat the sugar and gelatin)

and paih tak bagi upload gambar cake ni
sebab die kata die nak gune on my real birthday
(this coming 30th *hint*hint*)
die kate die nak upload and blakon konon2 die laa yg tempah kek tu for me
and of course i wont let that happen
i want a real cake for my birthday

and seriously, i rase this booth is soo cute
especially with the name in it laa

teringat my birthday last year
surprised sgt
serious menjadi surprise Paih
Paih berpakat dengan Effah and Mummy
this year?
hmmm i dont expect much
tapi i've requested not to be oncalled on that day je la
that's the least i can expect

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