27 October 2010

more and more..

i've been googling for a lot of things
i did mention before that i still cant decide on the brand of my shoes
but i did save some of the pics that i think suits my tase
buuut most of them wont suit my feet i think
i have lebar penyek hideous foot.. 

these...i really want something like these or almost like these for my reception
but where do i get them in malaysia???
i mean is there a one-stop shop that have this style of footwear?
it has always been a struggle for me when comes to shoes

and these peep-toes, i drool over them to be on my hantaran
but again, where do i get them?

i'm certain of what kind of days i'll go through right afer i touched down for good in tanah melayu
i am really looking forward to it..
but let me prepare myself for all the frustrations to come
it's not that i am pessimist about my wedding
but with limited funds, it is only so much can be done!


Her Imperial Highness said...

sarahhhhhhhh!! slalu2 lah update ur blog ek,this is one of my few lifelines during these trying times (huhu)...

btw,i like kasut yg dlm pic bnyk2 kasut tu,yg top left ;) stay optimistic,my dear!! hoho~

s a r a h said...

hahaha kite dh lame tk cek hotmail jd tk sedar ade comment...aimi pon sile2 la jugak updet blog ye...kite akan slalu je bace :)