26 October 2010


Age 4, we think: Mom knows everythng! At 8: Mom knows a lot. At 12: Mom doesn't really know everythng. At 14: Mom doesn't know anything. At 16: Momdoesn't exist. At 18: She's old fashioned. At 25: Maybe mom does know about this! At 35: Before we decide let's ask mom. At 45: I wonder what mom thinks about this? At 85: I wish I could ask mom about this. Repost if you have the best mom in the world...
i found that on fb..but i totally disagree with that..
for me, my mom always knows everything, anytime anywhre
i've always think the idea of daughter-mom conflict is overrated
but if it does exist,  it's only true for the westerners
i know i'm not the perfect daughter in the world
but i couldnt get why should the stages of life makes u treat ur mom differently
honestly, i started thinking about this few years back when we have a whole chapter of 'ADOLESCENCE' in IB syllabus of English Higher Level
the issue were so remote to me, i couldnt understand why they have to rebel
i dont know why it is so hard for them to express evrything up to the point they have to isolate their parents
we thought they are more open-minded with their kids right?
but what with all the rebelious attitude and the desperate need to become independent?
i know there are times i did not agree with my mom..but that's just a plain disagreement in taste.
in short, i dont think why the statements on fb should be ppl's status who really love their mom.
anda lot of ppl 'like' it some more.
i do feel like backstabbing..wrting this here instead of directly comment on the fb
but i dont wanna make it controversial..
mami, i LOVE u forever and ever, and u're always my everything..

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