02 September 2010

separation anxiety....

why oh why..
the hardest part of the day is to hang up the phone..
there was like throbbing pain in the middle of my chest
with radiation to the lacrimal glands..
yes, it's hard...
(i know the pic isnt related to my pain, but i've dedicated the pic specially for him last night - despite the comotness and kembang idungness and tembamness)
i just like the feeling of being around him being who i am
 ( pls allow me to be jiwang..i'm in pain :( )
did i mention before that i wore yellow-green tudung with orange blouse/top when we went out the other day?
tk matching!!
it's not like i purposely want to be comot, but i had no other choice..
but i just like it, the way i can be myself..
i expressed everything..that's why it's hard...
it's hard to be apart...
*sob sob sob*
yes, the hardest part of the day is around this time..
his working hour had just started..
and it's gonna be a looong day...
*sob sob sob*
if only somebody invented bluetooth-like earphone that stays on the ear
and they will always be connected to one person that u wanted..all day long..
and they just charge u flat rate every month (like streamyx etc)
oh how wonderful! ur every moment can be shared
and yet u can still go on with u daily routine..
i need that...

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