02 September 2010


td mmg rase sangaaat teringin nk dating mkn sushi..
saye tk penah mkn sushi same2 ngan buah hati saye pon..
dhla harinih hari melankolik skit sbb mase borak2 pg td byk terkenang2 bende..
pastuh on the way nk sampai klinik td plak ade sushi bar
lg laaa saye dh lmbt sbb termissed bas..
pastuh kedai sterusnye tuh plak travel agent
ade plak besar2 die nye poster tulis 
'Experience Japan'
bikin sesak napas saja!

mmg bg saye everything about japan is like a fairytale
i really believe that there was an akai ito that ties us together and brought us to the magical moment when u least expected it..
just think of all the serendipities and coincidences, they are subtle but sweet (for me la)
that's why we think we need to find a copy of 
'turn left turn right' hongkong movie..
hmmm..maybe i'm vitamin-L overdose today!
the bus ride back home pon sgt laaa melancholic...
tk penah lg saye naik bas die pasang lagu instrumental..
lagu2 yg mcm dlm cd 'power of love' yg zmn kite kecik2 dulu
so lagu2 yg sgt familiar aa..
dhla perjalanan sgt lame...
aaaaa tensi sbb overwhelmed...

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